The mission of Clean Earth Soap is to produce soap that is…

Good for You

We use the best available ingredients that have skin
nourishing properties. We do not add any artificial ingredients, which means there
are no perfumes or dyes in our soap. The soaps are scented using essential oils
and colored using organic, natural botanicals that have beneficial properties
for your skin. Each batch of soap is made lovingly using a cold process method
in small batches. So, no heat is applied to the soap in order to retain the
greatest amount of the beneficial qualities of the ingredients. Each bar is its
own work of art and no two bars are alike.

Good for the Environment

We use only 100% organic, natural, sustainably produced
ingredients. That ensures there are no unwanted chemicals in the soap for you
and no pesticides or chemicals added to the environment. All of our essential
oils are steam extracted or cold pressed allowing us to use the most pure
essential oils without the use of chemicals in the extraction process. We
source our materials in bulk to minimize packaging and recycle as well as
follow sustainable production practices to minimize our impact on the earth. We
have worked hard to eliminate packaging on our own products (hence the “Naked”
bars), but when required, we have sourced 100% post consumer recycled materials
and use soy inks.

Good for the Inhabitants of the Earth

We ensure that none of our ingredients or products are
tested on animals. We believe the animals of this planet are inhabitants too! A
part of the proceeds from the sale of each Clean Earth Soap bar goes to support
non profits that are contributing to safe drinking water and adequate hygiene
and sanitation for all the people of the earth. Examples of those groups
-Thirst Project
-Clean the World Foundation
-Engineers Without Borders

Thank you for your interest in our soaps. Clean Earth Soap
was the dream of owner, Heather Bresnahan. After working with non profit groups
in South America that assisted communities in establishing safe, reliable
drinking water and sanitation, she envisioned a soap that was nourishing for
the user, good for the environment and that would contribute to all the people
of the world having access to basic sanitation and clean water. Her dream has
become reality. In 2013, Clean Earth Soap was established.

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